Bill & Eli's Blog Post #1 

Hope that each and every one of you had a great holiday season, but as we all know, it's time to get back to the grind. First of all, we have a new website which looks a bit different that the old one, but there was plenty of reason that we revamped which we won't get into because there is more exciting news in our music world.

Our 5 months of mostly staying at home during the last part of 2019 gave us the needed time to rest up a bit while involving ourselves with a new  undertake a new endeavor which evolved into a combination Book & CD initiative titles "The Songs & Stories of Bill & Eli Perras - A Legacy Project", and as far as we can tell, it is our finest repository of our musical work as of yet.

This project includes a CD containing 40 of our most exemplary original songs in super high quality MP3 format, along with a 168 page paperback book authored by Eli and has the written lyrics and stories behind each of the songs that are on the CD, along with some detailed writings on the musical careers of Eli & I. While Eli spent her time on this project as the author of the book, I was compiling the actual songs that would justify our work over the past 25+ years as musical artists, and what we came out with a product that many of you would be happy to include in your library of music and literature. You can get a better idea of this effort by reading the books Prologue >>> HERE <<<.

Before I end this first blog of the year, here are a few quotes about this project by some well recognized Florida musicians and writers, and below these quotes is the first track on the CD, and a photo of the front cover of the book.:

"I have known Eli and Bill Perras for many, many years. We have shared much including the stage, recording sessions, meals and campfire song swaps. You’d think you know someone after all that time and togetherness but you’d be wrong. Only after being given the honor of helping to edit this book did I have the opportunity to experience truly captivating vignettes of their extraordinary lives, one word at a time. It’s an intimate thing, a bonding of sorts that is both rare and wonderful. Experiencing this book has re-acquainted me with my dear friends Eli and Bill and helped me realize, once again, that the depth of their music, just like the depth of their souls is truly breathtaking. I invite you to share the in the music and lives of two original and exemplary individuals who unite to form a truly inspirational team. I give you, Eli and Bill Perras, musicians, artists, authors and human beings with a timely message and a story to tell. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did!" – Mark Goldberg, President, Broward Folk Club 

"A great retrospective of their lives as art. Complete with a CD of wonderful songs which embellish the script." – Bob Patterson, Reputed Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Promoter and Author from St. Augustine 

"Florida singer/songwriters Bill & Eli Perras have produced a very unique project combining an expertly produced CD containing 40 of Bill & Eli's original folk songs in companion with a 168-page book manuscripting the duo’s life histories, including the story behind each song, as well as the adventures and good times they have experienced in their 20+ years of touring. Nearly half of these original songs teach Florida history, delivered with Arawak-descendent Eli’s strong vocals over the slick guitar work of Bill, one of the state’s most talented finger-pickers. Still other songs expose the culprits and celebrate the heroes of the Civil Rights Era. This project should be required reading (and listening!) for every Florida school student; at the very least it should be in the music cabinet of every Florida resident – native or not. Excellent work produced with a love and purpose that flows like wild peaceful Florida rivers through each page and song." – Peter B. Gallagher, producer of Tampa's WMNF 885.FM Florida Folk Show


Listen to the first track titled on the CD >>> HERE <<<

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