Bill & Eli Perras come to a Fork in the Road. 

Here's a message on behalf of myself, and my husband, musical partner and the love of my life, Bill Perras, that is long overdue! 

The life of singer/songwriters and folk music artists has been very good to Bill and I since we first got involved in this journey in the mid-90's. We met the best of people and made many wonderful life-long friendships. With over two decades of sharing our songs and stories throughout Florida and beyond the state line, regretfully the time has come for us to back off from the life of touring performers. 

Over the past few years we were hoping that Bill's health issues would not lead to last minute cancellations, but unfortunately that was not the case. We always tried to keep up our commitments, but for now health issues have become the #1 priority. As we remain focused on getting Bill well again, I also try to keep in good health for myself despite my daily arthritic issues. 

Having said that, we hope you understand that it is absolutely necessary that we take ourselves out of circulation for awhile, hoping one day to rejoin our musical family at local festivals and music gatherings. Words will never properly convey what all of you have become to mean to us in our hearts. So, with continued prayers and good wishes we hope to always remain part of the larger picture of music that has become such an important part of our everyday lives. 

Eventually, when it is safe the travel and temporarily live in our camper-van, and when the doctors give Bill a go-ahead, we plan the travel far and wide throughout the lower 48 states without gigs so as to be as free of commitments as we explore the many wonders that are scattered throughout the states, but mainly we plan to absorb the many National Parks along the way. 

At this point we plan to keep our website up and running since we plan to keep our blog up to date while sharing our experiences on the road. and we hope that you will keep in mind that we have our combination book & 40 song CD titled “The Songs & Stories of Bill & Eli Perras - A Legacy Project” along with another book which is a gripping account of my son's trials and tribulations titled, “Raising Adam – In the Face of Adversity”, These products are available at our >>> Merchandise <<< page, and please be aware that there is also a virtual tip jar on this site if you desire to help support Bill & I as they seek to pay off all their medical bills before we begin our new adventures in life. 

So, until we see you again, may peace & love surround you and yours...

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