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Bill & Eli Perras

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Short Bio:

Bill & Eli Perras are a Florida based duo, who tied the knot over 29 years ago. Performing as singing-songwriting-storytellers, they have put a dent in the Florida folk music scene as an act to take note of.
The many inspired lyrics given to and interpreted by Eli, combined with Bill's bluesy finger-style guitar playing create a very uniquely modern take on true Americana music in its purest form. Receiving much recognition for their tightly woven musical creativity, they humbly remain true to their personal values. They speak out with strong heartfelt lyrics, accompanied with a soulful genuine pentatonic voicing, against social injustices, corporate greed, and daily follies in everyday life. They can grip your heart, search your soul, change a mindset, or softly strike a funny bone, all the while leaving the audience with a sentiment for the common good we desire in all mankind.
Bill & Eli have opened or shared the stage with many nationally recognized entertainers and are regulars at many Florida folk music venues and festivals while frequently traveling beyond the Sunshine State with their songs and stories.

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Reviews / Press: 

SingOut! Magazine - "Bill & Eli Perras present topical songs that point to social issues that frustrate us every day, from corporate injustice to the homeless, from political inaction to stereotypes and prejudice. Each song thoughtfully brings the human condition to light and most offer a silver lining, the possibility of change if we get off our butts and reach out to each other..." 

Michael Smith (noted Chicago based singer/songwriter) - "To start with Eli has a down home, honest and charming voice and manner with which I felt an immediate and strong connection. I trusted her from the first note. She sings tunefully without folderol or affectation, and I liked her immediately. One can practice for a lifetime and not achieve this rare vocal quality, which I think is due to character, upbringing and personal  straightforwardness, plus an innate musicality. Pete Seeger has this, and maybe Odetta. You can't buy it. You can take this from me to the bank: this lady is The Real Thing. 
Bill shares this honest vocal quality. It was kinda like, if she's with him and he's with her I'll trust in it. He has a jug-band, humorous sensibility in his voice. Sometimes he makes me think of Jerry Colonna, or of twenties recordings R. Crumb would feature. He's charming and gruff and fun to listen to. And, oh, his guitar playing: such a pleasure to hear. This gentleman knows what he's doing and clearly has been doing it for a long long time. His touch is absolutely secure and your shoulders relax when you realize he's going to pull off everything he attempts. He'll switch tone so slyly sometimes that it sounds like a perfect tape editing job. And everything he plays is aggressive and groovy. I love that someone experimented as to the various places to put the guitar in the mix, sometimes within a song. 
Were Gamble Rogers and Will McLean still here, I'd feel confident saying to them, "Here's some folks along your vein that you'll appreciate." It's like sitting in a screened-in porch on a warm night and listening to real Florida people with something to say and a no-nonsense and loving way of presenting it. 
Thank God for such honest artists among us, and thank these folks for carrying the torch in their new and (to my mind) faultless recording. I'm a fan from here on out." 

Judge Nelson Bailey (noted Flordia based storyteller) - "Wow ! Great show you two put on last night ! Eli, you have an exceptional stage presence that connects with impact and on a very personal level with every member of the audience. You and Bill complement each other on stage wonderfully well. To both of you I say: One of the best stage performances I've ever seen." 

Sir Charles Atkins (Florida State University Blues Lab Professor) - "Bill & Eli are very soft-spoken, humble people. Musically the stuff they do is quite polished. It's about as close as anyone, here, comes to recalling, in our time, the authentic sound of traditional American Music." 

Stetson Kennedy (Author, Folklorist, and Human Rights Activist) - "Thank-you for your deliberate contribution to better society." 

RoseMarie Kafer (President of Pinellas County Historical Society) - "On behalf of Pinellas County Historical Society, I want to thank you for your outstanding, Florida musical program. As you could see, our membership was enthused and happier when they left then when they arrived. Your delivery was fun, entertaining and educational for our membership. I have received so many compliments about the program. Many, so pleased with your performance, asked that I convey their appreciation and thanks."


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Contact Information:
Bill' cell: (386) 747-9820
Eli's cell: (386) 747-9821

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And finally: Depending on the venue, a written contractual agreement must be signed by both Bill & Eli Perras, and the booking venue representative. A Contract Agreement Form is available upon request.