Spiritual Gatherings


Presenters of Song & Story Messages for
UU's and other Progressive Churches

Bill & Eli have shared their inspirational Song & Story messages at Sunday morning services and weekday workshops for over 12 years now, primarily with Unitarian Universalist congregations, but have also shared messages with Center for Spiritual Living (Religious Science), Metaphysical Chapels, and Unity of Christ congregations. They are also very open to presenting their messages with any, and all, denominations who will accept their teachings.
They have created several “Song and Story” themed messages that last 25-30 minutes long, which are designed to fit within a typical Sunday morning sermon time-slot. These presentations are perfect to fill an open pulpit due to ministerial vacations as well as for lay led congregations. As for weekday workshops, in order to fill a 1 to 1 ½ hour time-frame, a question and answer period follows the presentation.
Deeply steeped in the folk music tradition, they present sing-alongs (usually their original compositions), after telling the stories that relate to the song, which creates a powerful, and uplifting experience and message, and they are always more that happy to lead all of the music during a service (and typically do) with songs relating to the theme of the service.
Since music has an unique way of reaching out to people, and since Bill & Eli have a sizable, and always growing fan-base, a fringe benefit is to having them lead a service is that typical attendance at well-publicized services is often 25% higher than average.
Their current themed messages, which have been tested at multiple churches, touch on the following subjects: Rising Up Through Adversity; Singing for Change; By Way of Compassion; Empowering Yourself; Black History Month; Why We Remember; and more.
Besides these themes that they have touched on with multiple churches, they are always willing to create new, and custom Song & Story presentations on demand.
Finally, Bill & Eli are always open to perform 2-hour benefit concerts on the Saturday night prior, or on the Sunday afternoon after a service.

Current Song & Story Messages

NEW >>> "Rising Up Through Adversity" speaks of the extraordinary circumstances, and trials, that Eli lived through such as: raising a blind and deaf child; being raised as a foster child that was never adopted; and dealing with life threatening health problems; plus many more trials that are not typical to the average person; and how she overcame these adversities with the power of prayer and positive thinking, combined with sharing her tribulations with multitudes of people by way of songwriting, public performances, and a spiritual awakening.

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"Singing for Change" puts a spin on how power of music affects the mind to a greater extent than other forms of communication, and how we use it to speak our minds on socially significant issues.

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"By Way of Compassion" is based on a few of our personal experiences. As we spiritually grew, we came the realization that any human interactions of genuine tenderheartedness can have ripple effect of positive effects if, and when, we pass it on and pay it forward on a daily basis.

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"Empowering Yourself" shares our stories of being able to believe in ourselves with confidence, and trusting our own inner strength, allowing us to accomplish far beyond our initial personal expectations, making the differences we hope to achieve. With a few of our stories, we hope to relay this to you.

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"Black History Month" presents some facts related to notable civil right icons, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the Tuskegee Airmen, Harry T. Moore, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other influential people that led up to the Civil Rights movement. (This program is applicable to dates in February and dates surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend). our minds on socially significant issues.

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Past Spiritual Gathering Venues

2018 & 19 Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute (SUUSI), Cullowhee, NC

Buckman Bridge UU - Jacksonville, FL
Emerald Coast UU - Valparaiso, FL
First Existentialists Congregation in Atlanta, GA
Hope UU Church – Tulsa, OK
Manatee UU Fellowship in Bradenton, FL
Mosaic UU - Orange City, FL
Natures Coast UU - Citrus Springs, FL
Spirit of Life UU - Odessa, FL
UU Fellowship of Franklin, NC
UU of Bay County in Panama City, FL
UU of Brevard in W. Melbourne, FL
UU of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
UU of Galveston County, TX
UU of Greensboro, NC
UU of Hendersonville, NC
UU Church of Marlborough and Hudson, MA
UU of Jacksonville, FL
UU of Lakeland, FL
UU of Lake County in Eustis, FL
UU of Lexington, KY
UU of Marion County in Summerfield, FL
UU of Northborough, MA
UU of Putnam County in Palatka, FL
UU of St. Augustine, FL
UU of Tullahoma - Tullahoma, TN
UU of West Volusia - DeLand, FL
UU Peace Fellowship - Raleigh, NC

Center for Spiritual Living of Cape Coral, FL
Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Cincinnati, OH
Center for Spiritual Living of Daytona Beach. FL
Center for Spiritual Living of Naples, FL
Center for Spiritual Living of Tampa, FL
Radiance Center for Spiritual Living – Belleville, IL
Spiritual Enrichment Center of Dothan – Dothan, AL
Summit Spiritual Center - Fairlawn, OH
Christ Unity Church of Chattanooga, TN
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Titusville, FL
Metaphysical Chapel of Roanoke, VA
People's Church of Divine Prophecy – Daytona Beach, FL
Unity of Orlando, FL
And many more...

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