Since 2013, Bill & Eli Perras have been registered with the Florida Library Association as Performers and Entertainers, and were featured artists at the 2015 Florida Library Association Performer's Showcase in Orlando. They strive to keep their repertoire filled with songs that have educational value, and are quickly becoming an "in-demand" act with public libraries.
Currently, Bill & Eli offer two separate, 50-minute long, audience participation programs for libraries, all with a unique presentation style that includes Eli using American Sign language as she sings.

 Current Library Programs

"Educational Florida Folk Songs & Stories" shares bits about history, people, and culture utilizing Bill & Eli's original songs, and the stories behind the songs.
On the topic are songs and stories such as "The Real McCoy" - the story of the bootlegger from Ormond Beach named Captain William McCoy; "Let the River Run Free" - the saga of the Rodman Dam on the Ocklawaha River; "These Florida Songs" - Bill's interpretation of the Florida landscape, and those who write about it; and other songs that touch on the environment, people, and history of Florida in their very own unique way.

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 "The Educational Folk Songs & Stories of Bill & Eli Perras" is a presentation that is similar to "Educational Florida Folk Songs & Stories", and shares tidbits about history, people, and culture utilizing Bill & Eli's original songs and stories that are not specific to Florida. On the topic are songs and stories such as “Front Page News" – a personal account of the effects of Hurricane Katrina; "Roaring 20's Rag" – an audience participation songs that accounts the years when prohibition was semi-enforced; "The Night Wind and Ben" – a song that speaks of the reality that many veterans have fallen on very hard luck upon their return from war zones; and much, much more...

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 "Black History Month: Song & Stories" is a presentation of facts, utilizing Bill & Eli's original songs that relate to notable civil right icons leading up to the Civil Rights movement. This program presents some facts related to notable civil right icons like Harry T. Moore; Martin Luther King, Jr.; the Tuskegee Airmen; events such as the Selma March, the movement of enslaved African-American that was know as the Underground Railway, and other historical events related to Black History Month, including teaching several of the standard civil rights songs from the early 1960’s.

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Carol Johnson (President, Friends of the Ormond Beach Library) - Thanks to both of you, Bill and Eli.  We really enjoyed your appearance at the Ormond Beach Library, and would gladly recommend you to other libraries.  You are truly accomplished musicians.  We also learned a lot about Florida from you — I was delighted to hear the audience appreciation of some of your remarks - they were listening so carefully.  And judging by the number of people who came forward to talk with you afterward, it was clear they wanted to know more. Thank you for a charming and thoughtful performance.

Barbara Miller (Program Manager, Broward County Main Library - Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - Thank you for your entertaining and informative Florida Heritage Month program today at our Broward County Main Library. Your original songs and extensive knowledge of Florida history was of great interest to our audience.

Jamal Moss (Adult Programming Manager, Central Brevard Library - Cocoa, FL) - Thank you folks SOOO much for coming! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and completely captivated by it! Coming back for Black History Month next year would be terrific!!!

Cyndy Moore (Programming Manager, Port Orange Library - Port Orange, FL) - Thank you, Bill and Eli, the audience loved your presentation based on the survey responses! We would love to have you again! 

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